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Green Team Team Trillionaires #1Green Team: Team Trillionaires #1
Riot Act
Writers: Art Baltazer, Franco
Artists: Ig Guara, J.P. Mayer
Colorist: Will Quintana
Letterer: Travis Lanham
20 pages, $2.99

IMJ Nation™ member Helmir posed a question on the IMJ Open Thread earlier this week, “So who’s the poor unlucky bastard that has to review Green Team #1?

Well, of course, that unlucky bastard would be me… And I can’t blame anyone but myself– seeing as I volunteered to do it.

I mainly chose the comic because I’d reviewed its sibling title, The Movement #1– and I figured I might as well see if there was anything worthy in this much hyped pairing of titles. (The other reason I picked it– Ian wouldn’t let me review Daredevil #26, no matter how much I pleaded!)

The basic idea of this mess is blindingly obvious from the name of the book: It’s a group of rich kids

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